Pimento Cheese Grits

My best friends were in town the other weekend and we were trying to think of the perfect “last supper” for all of us to enjoy together. We had leftover barbecue from lunch and a random assortment of things in the pantry and fridge. We decided on using the grits and this amazing Pimento Cheese from Edgewood Catering (that we forgot to take to Ttown the day before) and topped it with some leftover barbecue meat. This meal was SO good and fulfilling that I made it again the following day.



  • Old-fashioned grits (1/2 cup)
  • Pimento Cheese (Probably about 4 oz worth)


1) Make grits per package directions. Add in pimento cheese about 2-3 minutes before grits are finished cooking. Mix well.



Since I didn’t have any more barbecue the following day, I topped mine with some broccoli for extra fiber and of course a little hot sauce. You can serve this as a side, or top it with meat/veggies for more of a “meal” – it would be great with shrimp and sauteed peppers!



Enjoy! For more fun facts about Edgewood Catering, go here.

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