Guest Bloggers: Review of Dreamcakes Bakery

I shared a sweet treat from Dreamcakes Bakery ( with the sweet guests that I had over Labor Day weekend. Dreamcakes is a great local bakery, located in Homewood, and I have always been impressed with the quality and deliciousness of their cupcakes. Since my guests were hailing from Brooklyn and Dallas, 2 places that most likely have their fair share of great cupcakes, I wanted to show them what Birmingham had to offer…

Starting at the top left corner and going clockwise: Rocky Road, Curious George, Simply Strawberry, and Old Fashioned Caramel

We decided to split the cupcakes into 4 pieces, so that we could each have at least a bite of the different flavors. My sister, Valli, and my best friend, Juhee, have shared their thoughts about the 4 cupcakes. Hope that their reviews give you some insight on those 4 cupcakes (Rocky Road, Curious George, Simply Strawberry, and Old Fashioned Caramel) to make your decision on which cupcake to get a little easier the next time you are in the bakery.

Valli’s Review:

Curious George (Banana with peanut butter) – This cupcake was definitely tasty, the banana and peanut butter combination was a winner. After eating this cupcake, I decided that I would be spreading peanut butter on banana bread the next time I eat it.  One slight issue I had w/this particular cupcake was that it tasted like banana extract was used, I think the bakery could have gotten the same results with using just the fresh fruit and avoiding the extract. 
Strawberry – This cupcake tasted so fresh.  I’ve had several strawberry flavored cupcakes and I can honestly say that this one had the most natural flavor in both the icing and the cake. 
Old Fashioned Caramel – This was definitely my favorite.  It was the perfect bite but unfortunately at the same time the hardest one to put into words.  All I can say is its a must try and for some reason reminded me of my childhood.
Rocky Road – A chocolate lover’s dream!!! This cupacke embodied what I think of when I see Rocky Road, the perfect combination of chocolate, nuts, and marshmallow.  The marshmallows were always a pleasant surprise when taking a bite of the cupcake.
Overall, these cupcakes were great and I was glad I was able to share all four so I could get the full experience!  Looking forward to more cupcakes from this bakery!!!

 Juhee’s Review:

The presentation of these baby cakes includes sparkling edible sprinkles in fun shapes and colorful arrays for the masses.  Smiles all around!

A creed of mine: mounds of icing do not pro-rate the enjoyment of a cupcake.  I generally need to scrape off the pompadour of icing on a cupcake…unfortunately these included. 

To rate these in order I am most partial to the OG flavor—the Curious George– sometimes called the Elvis Presley . It’s almost cheating when there’s peanut butter involved, but you gotta give credit to the banana cake that sits beneath the peanut butter icing. IT IS scrumptious. I am turned off by artificial Runts and LaffyTaffy flavors especially when it comes to banana but this banana cake was well done! (as in bravo! Not as in an over-cooked steak)

Next in line or perhaps a tie would have to be the old fashioned caramel.  This caramel was made with the best blend of sugars ive had—reminiscent toasted flavor of a campfire marshmallow no lie! It’s notable that I am not one to ever add caramel flavors to my sweet treats. 

Again with the strawberry – I was impressed with the real strawberry flavor!  It’s like Blue Bell ice cream—they must use the real & healthy berries not the stealthy artificial flavors. Bravo once again!

And I regret to admit this, but the Rocky Road was my least favorite.   Im disappointed that my classic favorite was not the favorite in this bunch.  But I must say sorry rocky road, this line-up of cupcakes were a tough team to beat indeed.  It’s ok we’ll get Sean Peyton to coach you on your game!

Thank you Vasu for sharing this sweet piece of Birmingham with me!

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One Response to Guest Bloggers: Review of Dreamcakes Bakery

  1. Halley here…Vasu was kind enough to give me the Curious George Dreamcake cupcake (along with a whole bag of eggplant). It was amazing! I love me some dreamcakes and this one definitely lived up to my expectations. Something about banana bread made into a sweet cupcake with fantastic bananay flavored frosting just hits the spot.
    My ALL TIME FAVORITE cupcake from dreamcakes though is the WEDDING CAKE cupcake. There is no beating it. It’s like the best wedding cake you’ve ever eaten times 100. And the best part is when you eat it, you’re usually not at a wedding so you don’t have to worry about a button on your dress popping from overeating cake or something.
    Also Dreamcakes makes their cupcakes into birthday (and other days) cakes. One of OM’s favorite readers, and my favorite sister in law, Britney did this for my brother’s birthday and the cake was spectacular. I can’t wait for MY BIRTHDAY CAKE to be made out of Dreamcakes!

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