A Great Way to Kick off Birmingham Restaurant Week

A Review of Sol y Luna

Vasu, our friend Tiff, and I were excited about one of the yummiest weeks offered in the Magic City, Restaurant Week! Local Birmingham restaurants throughout the city celebrate this week by offering fixed menus at various prices to fit any consumer’s budget, with prices ranging from $10, $20, to $30. Since we haven’t quite hit the “dietitian jackpot” yet, we decided to go with one night of great eating for $20. Boy was it worth it! The meal we enjoyed was one of the best I have had in a long time and well worth the $20. I was so full that I skipped breakfast the next morning. This is maybe the 3rd time that has happened in my life.

Tiff cut out the decision making and made reservations for us at Sol Y Luna, a beautiful, quaint little restaurant specializing in what I’d call “fancier” mexican and southwestern food. It is located in the Lakeview district, surrounded by fun bars and other restaurants. It is a smaller, intimate restaurant, illuminated by fun lights and lanterns.

Our meal consisted of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. The appetizer was amazing! It was the Sol Y Luna Sampler: A combination of tortilla chips, plantain chips, red chili vinegar potato chips, sweet potato chips, and homemade guacamole. Did I mention we all three got our own sampler? My own basket of various chips and guacamole!

We had to pace ourselves through our baskets because soon the main course was brought out: Lobster Soft Tacos! What we loved about the fixed menu was that we would probably never order this on our own. I usually stick with the taco salad, no hard shell please, cheese on the side, blah blah blah at mexican restaurants, so it was nice to get out of Mexican food comfort zone. The filling in these soft tacos (**dietitian note: soft tacos=better choice than hard tacos since they are not fried taco shells** woah did you know that along with witty writing and yummy recipes, you’d get free nutrition advice on oatmealmountain???) was so scrumptious. There was cheese and nice chunks of real lobster meat and my plate was clean by the end. Even when the soft tacos were gone, I had plenty of sweet potato chips to scoop up the rest of the taco filling.

Usually at this point, I’d say “No no no dessert, I’m too full” but luckily in this l inclusive $20 meal, dessert was required. Our waiter told us CHURROS   out shortly. Not just one plate of three churros mind you, but 3 PLATES FULL OF CHURROS. What’s a churro??? I kinda forgot too, and our waiter basically said it’s a fried stick covered in sugar and cinnamon. Usually, the dietitian voice in my head gets scared of words like those, but we shut them up and devoured our churros. We even had enough to pack up and take home with us.

Like I said, it was one of the best meals I’d had in a long time, especially in Birmingham and it was accompanied by great service. Thanks Sol Y Luna for a wonderful celebration of Birmingham Restaurant week! Go try it out for yourself this week! Birmingham Restaurant Week ends on Saturday, September 25th.

See www.bhamrestaurantweek.com for more details.

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