Lost on the mountain…

It’s a good thing Vasu has been on the ball and posting…I’ve been off in oatmeal land!
Be expecting some exciting things this week at OM (are we established enough to abbrev our name?). Until then, EVERYONE who reads this today, you must comment and post your favorite snack.

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2 Responses to Lost on the mountain…

  1. My favorite snack in the world is reduced fat cheese its and if I get a box where the cheese-its are a little toasty then I feel like I’ve hit the goldmine! I have a feeling, though, you were looking for a snack idea that wasn’t directly out of the box.

    Here’s another good one that’s quick and easy and tastes so good. You layer a triscuit, cream cheese, cucumber slice and then sprinkle a little salt and dried dill on top. YUM.
    They look really pretty if you need to take a quick and easy app to a party and is a light lunch or snack, too.

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